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Attorney Mary Grace Condello

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Our Brooklyn New York City family law attorney works with men and women who need help with divorce proceedings, family court issue, child support, sole and joint custody, real estate and property division, post divorce actions or collaborative divorce.

Our family and divorce law firm is best qualified to handle child support and custody issues, real estate and property division, post divorce actions, mediation, family court order of protection, child abuse and collaborative divorce.

We commonly provide legal assistance for:
Divorce│Child Support│Child Custody│Alimony│Division of Property| Marital Agreements│Mediation Neglect│Child Abuse and Neglect│Orders of Protection

•   Collaborative divorce
•    Trained mediator
•    Child support
•    Child custody and visitation disputes
•    Property division and equitable distribution of assets
•    Separation agreements
•    Uncontested divorce
•    Alimony and spousal support
•    Post divorce proceedings and actions
•    Contempt proceedings
•    Prenuptial agreements
•    Appeals
•    Child abuse and neglect
•    Domestic violence
•    Family court order of protection
•    And, we can also help you in New York City, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, Long Island, Nassau County, Suffolk County, and more.

We are committed to helping people with everything from prenuptial agreements to post divorce actions. We also can help with family court issues such as child abuse or family court orders of protection. Our clients are men and women from different economic, racial and cultural backgrounds, but what they share is their ability to take responsibility for working towards their success in dealing with in their divorce or family law matter.

To get serious about finding the right New York City family law attorney, we recommend learning about family or divorce law and find out how our more than 18 years of experience and a solid reputation - can help you with with your family legal matter.

What makes our family law firm unique?

•    Skills as a trained mediator
•    A solid rapport with collaborative divorce lawyers and teams
•    18+ years experience
•    Personal Service
Serving clients in Brooklyn, New York City, Bronx, Staten Island and Long Island.

Divorce in Brooklyn/Staten Island, & LI│Child Support in Brooklyn/Staten Island, & LI│Child Custody in Brooklyn/Staten Island, & LI│Alimony in Brooklyn/Staten Island, & LI│Division of Property in Brooklyn/Staten Island, & LI | Marital Agreements in Brooklyn/Staten Island, & LI│Mediation Neglect in Brooklyn/Staten Island, & LI│Child Abuse and Neglect in Brooklyn/Staten Island, & LI│Orders of Protection in Brooklyn/Staten Island, & LI For further information, please visit our main Divorce Website